Our Philosophy

  • Statement Of Philosophy

    Halswell Preschool

    Our Preschool recognises the importance of having a strong commitment to the bi-cultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand and this is clearly evident in our policies, practices and procedures.

    We develop authentic partnerships with families/whanau and community based on relationships which foster honest communication, trust and respect.
    We believe the role of the teacher is one who actively plays with children, a person who expands children’s thinking skills and genuinely engages with each child.  We believe the best teacher is one who has a passion for the profession, is open to learning and has a willingness to keep him/herself up to date with the current theories of early childhood.  This teacher sets realistic boundaries so that children feel safe and secure.

    We know the importance of ensuring each child is emotionally, socially, culturally and physically secure within the preschool environment.
    Our Preschool is a child-centered place: a place where it’s great to be small.  A place where children are allowed to be children; they can take risks, have fun,  embrace challenges and have the freedom to express their thoughts and emotions. 
    We want children to be active learners who are intrinsically motivated with an ‘I can do’ attitude.  We encourage children to be independent learners who are curious to explore and make sense of their world.

    Te Whaariki (Early Childhood Curriculum) is the key document that guides our teaching practice.   Teachers use this document to plan experiences which ensures positive learning outcomes for children.   We value the development of social skills and the attributes of kindness, respect, caring and building each others self-esteem.