Over Twos

  • Children in the Over Two area will learn alongside Kathryn, Chloe and Christina. Kathryn is the Preschool Room Team Leader

    Kathryn believes that given the opportunities and support children are able to achieve most goals that they set for themselves. Kathryn has taken a particular interest in embedding te reo Māori and tikanga Māori into the Centre.

    Working alongside Kathryn is Chloe, who is a passionate teacher who believes in building meaningful relationships with tamariki and whānau is important to enhance deeper learning for our tamariki.

    Chloe loves to incorporate the child’s voice into their learning and have conversations with the tamariki, really hearing what they have to say. She believes this builds trust and respect between the child and kaiako, making the child feel they are a valuable part of their learning community.

    Chloe also strives to incorporate Te Reo Māori me Ngā Tikanga Māori into her teaching especially through waiata, board stories and routines throughout the day.

    Christina is the third kaiako in the Preschool Room Team. Christina believes the parent-teacher relationship is key, she promotes child-led learning and is mindful of being respectful in all her interactions with the tamariki.

  • Features of our Preschool Programme

    Child Led/Adult Supported Learning

    Learning for our tamariki is child led and adult supported.  We encourage tamariki to engage in experiences that have meaning for them.  This requires strong authentic relationships between kaiako and whānau and kaiako to actively responding the strengths, interests and abilities of each child. We recognise that each tamaiti learns in their own time and in their own unique way.  Our curriculum also promotes tamariki to be adaptive, creative and resilient.  The environment is an emotionally safe place and we provide resources that are open ended, movable, and interchangeable, to support tamariki in their child led journey.

    A statement from our latest ERO report:

    Leaders and teachers actively foster positive, reciprocal relationships and inclusive practices. They promote partnerships in children’s learning with parents and whānau. Teachers value and make good use of parent voice and aspirations to plan for and support children’s learning and wellbeing.

    Teachers work collaboratively to provide a child-centred curriculum that is responsive to the individual interests, strengths and capabilities of children. Children are actively involved in a range of play-based learning experiences that promote curiosity and creativity. They have many opportunities to explore and make their own discoveries with a natural outdoor environment.
    Teachers work closely with children to help develop oral language, social skills and confidence as a learner. Emphasis is placed on improving bicultural practices and integrating te reo and tikanga Māori in ways that are meaningful for children and respectful of te ao Māori.

    — A statement from our latest ERO report
  • Preparing for School/Kura

    An aspect of our daily programme is to support tamariki in preparation for school as part of their learning journey.  Along this journey tamariki work alongside one another and learn to build and sustain relationships.  They also develop numeracy and literacy skills, self-help skills and independence such as toileting and dressing themselves, managing their own lunch box, following instructions and practicing strategies for conflict resolution.  These are skills that new entrant teachers value in their students.

    We continue to build relationships with the local primary schools and can arrange to take your tamaiti on a visit to the school he/she is enrolled in, if that is your wish.

  • Relationships Are the Key to All We Do

    We choose to have only a small number of tamariki at Halswell each day so that we can ensure each tamaiti is able to build strong relationships with kaiako, resulting in each tamaiti feeling nurtured, secure and valued as an individual, and eager to share his/her unique personality and strengths.

    Our relationships with whānau always come first.  Aspirations, family culture and values for each tamaiti are respected by kaiako as tamariki embark on their lifelong learning journey.

  • A statement from our latest ERO report

    The philosophy is clearly reflected in the daily life of the centre. Teachers work closely with parents. They value parents’ contributions and views about their child’s learning. Leaders and teachers work in partnership with whānau, sharing skills that support and extend children’s learning and reflect the centre’s philosophy.
    Children and whānau are welcomed into a respectful, family-based environment. Children are settled and confident. They relate well to each other. Older children are encouraged to support younger children in their learning programmes. Routines are flexible and promote a calm atmosphere.